Technical University of Moldova (TUM) is the only higher technical educational institution, accredited by the State in Moldova Republic. Since its establishment in 1964 until now, it has trained about 78 400 engineers and economists.

At TUM the studies are organized within 9 faculties: “Energetics and Electrical Engineering”; “Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, and Transport”; “Computers, Informatics and Microelectronics”; “Engineering and Management in Electronics and Telecommunications” “Technology and Management in Food Industry”; “Light industry”; “Cadastre, Geodesy and Construction”; “Urbanism and Architecture”; “Economic Engineering and Business”. Within the ‘Faculty of Engineering and Management in Machine Building «there activates the Technical College.

About 733 teachers, two thirds of them with scientific and didactic title of «academician», «university professor», «associate professor «,» doctor habilitate, «doctor in science», ensure training of those about 9520 students from full-time and reduced attendance sections. The University offers courses in 60 specialties and specializations for the I cycle, 43 specialties for masters and 45 specialties for doctorate, covering the needs of the national economy in preparing engineers.

Department „Fundamentals of Machine Design” was created on 1 September 1964. Center for Fine Mechanics and Mechanical Transmissions (Laboratory of simulations and computer modeling, Laboratory of testing of mechanical transmissions) – is equipped with a modern equipment. Since 1981 the TUM Fine Mechanics and Mechanical Transmissions has been working on the study and design of the new mechanical transmission – planetary precessional transmissions. There have been elaborated, patented (about 180 patents), designed and manufactured industrial prototypes of some driving mechanisms.

The TUM will manage the project and will supervise the surveys provided by the other partners.

Technical University “Gh. Asachi” from Iassy  is among the oldest and best-known higher education institutions in our country, with an important tradition in engineering, scientific and cultural education and a thriving presence on the international scene. În 1813 that the scholar Gheorghe Asachi founded the first school of land surveyors and civil engineers with instruction in the Romanian language. This school can be considered the core of the technical higher education in Moldova. Later on, the school is developed within the Michaellian Academy (1835), and afterword’s within the University of Iasi, established in 1860. On the 7th of November 1912, after passing the regulations for the Faculty of Science, they set up the proper Polytechnic Institute, which aligned more technical specialties: the department of the electro-technical, applied chemical and agricultural sciences. This event represents what may be called the birth certificate for the Polytechnic Institute of Iasi. In March 1937, when the Parliament of Romania voted the Law of Education, the technical higher education is transferred to the new established Polytechnic School which was, at that time, one of the few higher education institution in Romania qualified to issue engineer’s degrees. The new institution took from the very beginning the name of Gheorghe Asachi, the founder of the Romanian technical education, while professor Cristea Otin was elected its first rector.

It comprises 11 faculties. Its mission is to carry out specific activities for the creation, innovative valorization of knowledge and its transfer to society in the fundamental fields – Engineering Sciences, Architecture and Urbanism – as well as in interdisciplinary and complementary areas in the local regional and international community. 

TUIAȘI holds a national and international acknowledged School of Inventics, responsible for almost 65% of Romanian inventions for the last 10 years; it was awarded the Creativity Trophy by The State Office for Inventions and Trademarks in 2006;

Mechatronics was introduced to the Faculty of Mechanics from 1991, being among the first faculties to introduce this specialization. In the national evaluation by field, 2011, mechatronics in Iasi ranked first.

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of Iasi offers training in Mechatronics and Robotics at both undergraduate and master levels. Technical University “Gh. Asachi” from Iassy assumes, in accordance with the mission and objectives adopted in the Charter of the University, the role of educational, scientific and cultural research. Its prerogatives include:

  • the role of passing on knowledge to new generations, through a three-cycle study system – Bachelor, Master, Doctorate  and postgraduate learning research module. At each level, the university aims to stimulate critical thinking and creativity to ensure graduates have real chances in labor market competition. At the same time, the institution addresses all members of society in order to train them permanently in line with the evolution of science and technology worldwide
  • carrying out scientific research, development, innovation and technology transfer activities, valorisation and dissemination of their results. Associated with didactic activity, they are inseparable components of the formative process and are meant to facilitate technological, economic, social and cultural progress in order to adapt the headings of an information society.